Welcome Parents and Players!


Draft Update


We are in the process of drafting teams for the 2016-2017 NPBA season.  All drafts except High School Boys,  should be completed by Wednesday, November 16th.  Coaches will be contacting their players after the teams are picked. 


Girls 3/4 and 5/6 Divisions


We have an important change in ours girls divisions.  We are combining Girls 3/4 with Girls 5/6.  This Division will play at Borchard on Friday Nights at Borchard Community Center.



Registration Update

Registration is closed for Boys Divisions 3-8. 

Registration is closed for Girls Divisions 3-9.

Travel Team Update

Travel Team players should be notified this weekend

** There will be no Boys 4th Grade Travel Team.  They did not have enough teams to compete against **

Please contact Mike Noble at coachnoble805@gmail.com, with any questions.



High School Early Online Registration is $185 per player.  Early Registration will end on November 14. November 15, price will be $210



NPBA High School Boys Evaluations are Saturday, Nov 19 from 1 to 3 pm at Borchard gym


Make-up evaluations are on Monday Nov 21 from 4 to 6 pm at Borchard.  



All players must attend an evaluation session.



Season Starts Saturday, December 10, followed by games on Dec 17. Then play resumes in January - details to follow.




 First Games  for all but HS Boys will be December 2 and 3, 2016.


 Please contact me with any questions.





A few reminders to help everyone enjoy the season:

1.  The game is for the KIDS.  Let’s all be positive and encourage our children to do their best and to have fun.  Our example is their best teacher. 

2.  Our coaches are all volunteers and trying to do their best.  Please respect the game and the efforts of your coaches.

3.  Parents are encouraged to cheer and not coach from the stands.  Only Coaches should be coaching players during a game.  Parent coaching during a game leads to confusion and distracts players from enjoying the experience. 

4.  Basketball is a team sport.  Respect the coaches and teammates by getting your children to their games and practices on time.

5.  Referees vary in experience and age.  We have a good core of referees and are always training new referees by pairing them with more experienced ones - be respectful and allow them to do their job.  If you disagree with a call and want to discuss it, bring it up to the coach who then can respectfully talk to the referees - and if coaches are not satisfied, they will bring up your issues with your division director who will then talk to the head of referees.

6.  Communicate with your player, other players and parents, and coaches.  If you do not understand something - ask!  I am more than willing to discuss issues with parents, but please respect the chain of command - as appropriate, please bring up your issues with your coaches, then division director, then myself.

7.  Have FUN. This is not the NBA.  College and pro scouts are not showing up at our games.  Relax and enjoy the kids having a great time.

If we all do our part, I am confident that, as in years past, we will have a terrific basketball season and our children will once again have a great positive experience.  Please join me in helping to provide our kids, our volunteers and parents with a fun, fair, safe and family friendly experience.


See you on the court,

Michael Flaherty

President, NPBA


(805) 204-6379